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Pagan Sigils: Illustrated Guide to The Non Christian Symbols of Western Occultism

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Sigils are generally something we make in a peaceful environment. Not to mention, last-minute sigils are rarely effective as they don’t have time to manifest our desires. Create a Focus Area The spiral is a symbol of the goddess but the exact way it is deciphered as such is unclear. There are theories that say the shape represents the movement of the planets and stars across the night sky. In Elements of Witchcraft, Ellen Dugan suggests a focused fire meditation as a way of harnessing this volatile element. She associates fire with transformation and change. If you're looking at a working related to some sort of inner change and growth, consider doing some color-oriented candle magic. If you have access to any sort of flame -- a candle, bonfire, etc. -- you can use fire scrying for divination purposes. It is connected to the East and is associated with the colors white and yellow. In modern representations, it may be shown as a fan or a feather, too. Water

Paper works best due to the activation process that usually involves burning the sigil, but you can also draw your symbol on the wall, yourself, the mirror, etc. Raise Your EnergyA sigil is our will and intent condensed into one intricate symbol. It’s something that we make ourselves to project and focus our intentions and desires. Sigils are meaningless to everyone, aside from the person who created them and gave them meaning and purpose. Modern Sigils Are Everywhere Around Us The ankh is another one of those pagan symbols that virtually everyone has seen before, but at whose meaning only a small proportion can accurately guess at. Occasionally, the triquetra appears within a circle, or with a circle overlapping the three pieces. However, the pentagram actually represents the four elements of life – air, fire, water and earth, accompanied by a fifth, the human spirit. Right now, all you have is a piece of paper with a weird glyph on it. Sure, you know the meaning and purpose behind the sigil, but you still need to give it energy. Here’s how you do that. Draw Your Sigil

You start by voicing the inner desires that really matter to you but, if you’re not careful, you’ll end up making a sigil for every little thing in your life, and every want that crosses your mind. This intricate symbol is interpreted as the ‘Revealer of the Path’ or ‘Shower of the Way’. It is said that if you carry this pagan sign with you, you will not lose your way to any destination even if you do not know the way. Considered to be the unspeakable name of God, written as YHWH. The four letter name has many pronunciations and can be seen over 7,000 times throughout the Hebrew Bible. As symbol, it was incorporated into the Greek Tetractys by Jewish Kabbalistic occult tradition as an evolving arrangement of ten letters. In gematria, YHWH has a numerical value of 72 (center image). The right image contains the Tetragrammaton in tetractys formation, accompanied by the late-Renaissance Pentagrammaton, below. The pentacle is simply the pentagram enclosed in a circle. Because pagan rituals associate the circle with power, eternity and the infinite, it can be said that the pentacle enhances and empowers the basic pentagram with an infusion of additional energy.In some traditions of Wicca, Air is represented not by the triangle, but by either a circle with a point in the center or by a feather or leaf-like image. In other traditions, the triangle is used to mark the association of degrees or initiation rank -- typically first degree, but not necessarily. In alchemy, this symbol is sometimes shown with the horizontal line extending beyond the sides of the triangle. Fans of Celtic artwork occasionally get variations of this piece as tattoos or wear them as talismans of protection. In modern Celtic reconstructionist groups, the shield knot is sometimes invoked as a ward to keep negative energy away. In some traditions, the corners of the knot are meant to represent the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water, although it's important to note that Celtic spirituality is usually based upon the three realms of earth, sea, and sky. Air is one of the four classical elements and is often invoked in Wiccan ritual. Air is the element of the East, connected to the soul and the breath of life. Air is associated with the colors yellow and white. Interestingly, in some cultures, a triangle sitting on its base like this is considered masculine and is connected to the element of Fire rather than Air. Although it's not something used in all Pagan traditions, some magical systems connect different colors to the points of the pentacle. As part of that, the colors are often associated with the four cardinal elements -- earth, air, fire, and water -- as well as spirit, which is sometimes considered the "fifth element." According to fragmentary texts of the Chaldean Oracles, Hecate is connected to a maze which spiraled around like a serpent. This maze was known as the Stropholos of Hecate, or Hecate's Wheel, and refers to the power of knowledge and life. Traditionally, a Hecate-style labyrinth has a Y in the middle, rather than the typical X shape found at the center of most labyrinths. Images of Hecate and her wheel have been found on first-century c.e. curse tablets, although there seems to be some question about whether the wheel shape itself is actually Hecate's domain or that of Aphrodite - there was some occasional overlap of goddesses in the classical world.

It is a pagan symbol of protection that was seen across the Scandinavian countries with small variations between neighboring cultures. Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to influence the Universe. Making sigils is an excellent way to accept that we indeed are the co-creators of our destinies. Sigils can also help us focus on our desires, visualize them, and motivate us to go after what we really want. The concept of sun worship is one nearly as old as mankind itself. In societies that were primarily agricultural, and dependent on the sun for life and sustenance, it is no surprise that the sun became deified. In North America, the tribes of the Great Plains saw the sun as a manifestation of the Great Spirit. For centuries, the Sun Dance has been performed as a way to not only honor the sun but also to bring the dancers visions. Traditionally, the Sun Dance was performed by young warriors.The pentacle is probably the best-known symbol of Wicca today, and is often used in jewelry and other designs. This is ideal if you use a protection Wiccan symbol or if you have you use a love symbol near someone you want it to work on.

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