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Shower System Thermostatic Shower Faucet Set Wall Mounted Rain Shower Combo Set Piano Keys Tub and Shower Trim Kit with Tub Spout, Handheld Sprayer, 12 Inches Rain Shower Head, Bidet Spray,Gun Gray

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Is “Wonderwall” the best Oasis song? Definitely not, but it is the best Oasis song to belt out by yourself—that chorus lift was made for bathroom quiet time. —Lizzie Manno Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song.” Has there ever been a gentler, more pure-hearted plea? You’re already going to “let your hair down” in the shower anyways, so you might as well do it to the tune of Corinne Bailey Rae’s honeysweet, reggae-inspired pop classic. —Ellen Johnson THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS on ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR INFRINGEMENT. BUYER SHALL IN NO EVENT BE ENTITLED TO, AND Bliote.COM SHALL NOT BE LIABLE on, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE,INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO,TO LOSS OF PROFIT, PROMOTIONAL AND/OR MANUFACTURING EXPENSES,OVERHEAD, INJURY TO REPUTATION AND/OR LOSS OF CUSTOMERS. Improper maintenance and care. Using abrasive cleaners such as powders, bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or chlorine, or steel wool, or wire brushes, as these will damage and wear down the finish. Significant product exposure to chemicals, harsh cleaners and harsh outdoor environment will void any and all warranties on finishes and material.

This gussied-up soul classic may be a duet, but there’s no rule that says you can’t finesse a call-and-response all by your lonesome. There’s nary a river nor bathtub wide enough to keep me from humming along to this one while I rinse and repeat. —Ellen JohnsonRecommended Installation Height (From The Ground): 41 Inches For Main Body, 75 Inches For Top Sprayer DO NOT SHOW ADS Intro: C 0 G 1 Em 2 D 3 0 C 4 1I don't know there's just something about ya G 5 2Got me feeling like I can't be without ya Em 6 3Anytime someone mention your name D 7 4I be feeling as if I'm around ya C 8 5Ain't no words to describe you baby G 9 6All I know is that you take me high Em 10 7Can you tell that you drive me crazy? D 11 8Cause I can't get you out my mind 9 10Pre-Chorus: C 12 11Think of you when I'm going to bed G 13 12When I wake up I think of you again Em 14 13You are my homie, lover and friend D 15 14Exactly why 15 16Chorus: D 16 C 17 17You light me up inside G 18 18Like the 4th of July Em 19 19Whenever your around D 20 20I always seem to smile C 21 21And people ask me how G 22 22Well you're the reason why Em 23 D 24 C 25 23I'm dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower G 26 Em 27 D 28 24La La Di, La la Da, La la da C 29 25Singing in the shower G 30 Em 31 D 32 26La la Di, La la da, la la da C 33 27Singing in the shower 28 29 C 34 30All I want, all i need is you loving G 35 31Baby you make me hot like an oven Em 36 32Since you came you know what I discovered D 37 33Baby I don't need me another C 38 34No, no all I know -know- G 39 35Only you got me feeling so -so- Em 40 36And you know that I got to have you D 41 37And I don't plan to let you go 38 39Pre-Chorus: C 42 40Think of you when I'm going to bed G 43 41When I wake up I think of you again Em 44 42You are my homie, lover and friend D 45 43Exactly why 44 45Chorus: D 46 C 47 46You light me up inside G 48 47Like the 4th of July Em 49 48Whenever your around D 50 49I always seem to smile C 51 50And people ask me how G 52 51Well you're the reason why Em 53 D 54 C 55 52I'm dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower G 56 Em 57 D 58 53La La Di, La la Da, La la da C 59 54Singing in the shower G 60 Em 61 D 62 55La la Di, La la da, la la da C 63 56Singing in the shower 57 If impersonating singers’ bizarre voices in the shower isn’t a national pastime, it definitely should be. Would you sing “All the Small Things” without Tom DeLonge’s bratty “NEEAWWs?” No. So where should you turn when you inevitably run out of Blink-182 hits? Look no further than Wheatus’ immortal “Teenage Dirtbag,” a song featuring the most prominent nasal voice this side of Billy Corgan. Plug your nose, pretend you’re still a teenager and your biggest problem is that your crush won’t listen to Iron Maiden with you, making you feel like the biggest dirtbag in the world, and just. let. it. out. — Steven Edelstone Has there ever been a more instantly iconic cinematic instance of singing in the shower than Kevin’s vain, surly Uncle Frank belting out The Capitols “Cool Jerk” in the opening minutes of Home Alone 2? It’s obvious that the great John Hughes knew it was a solid bit—hence, Kevin recording the embarrassing moment and then using the recording to play a prank on a hapless Tim Curry later in the film. As for the song itself, it was the career high-point for Detroit R&B three-piece The Capitols, reaching no. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, even as it referenced the waning popularity of ‘60s fad dance craze “The Jerk.” Driven by an infectious piano rhythm, plenty of “woos” and “heys” and the constantly repeating “Cool Jerk!” refrain, it’s a jubilant two minute shower stomper. Of course, you’re practically required to close with the following: “Get out of here, you nosy little pervert, or I’m gonna slap you silly!” — Jim Vorel This South Pacific song is petty and pretty, and there’s no better tune for cleansing yourself of emotional baggage (and the memory of bad boyfriends past) than “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair.” Nasty ex who keeps sliding into your DMs? Wash ‘em out. Former coworker who won’t quit badgering you? Wash ‘em out. You get the idea. —Ellen Johnson

Modification (including but not limited to use of unauthorized parts or attachments), or adjustment or repair. This warranty only applies when all components have been provided by Bliote.com. Substituting another manufacturer's product and/or components will render the warranty completely void. Normal wear and tear from daily use. For example, gloss reduction, scratching, staining and alkaline etching of finishes over time, due to use, cleaning practices or water or atmospheric conditions, are not manufacturing defects but are indicative of normal wear and tear. Acts of god. Relate to events outside human control, like flash floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. Bathroom & Kitchen Accessories – Sprayer Faucets, Glass Rinsers, Towel Bars/Rings, Holders,Bathroom Shelves, Hooks or the likeSay what you will about former American Idol star Kelly Clarkson, but you can’t honestly tell me that you’ve never sang the “Since U Been Gone” chorus in the shower, pounding the walls in a fit of heartache and pretending that the water was rain. —Lizzie Manno This one’s for the morning showerers. There’s no better way to start the day than with Sheryl Crow singing about communists and inflammatory gas. Also, she says the words “diddly squat.” This song is best chased with a glass of fresh-squeezed OJ. —Ellen Johnson Toploader’s 2001 remix of King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight” is groovy and amazing. It’s money in the bank on the dancefloor, a road trip jam and a great song to jog to. Add “good for shower serenades” to the list. —Ellen Johnson I submit to you that a shower song should serve as entertainment, first and foremost. Showering is a mundane task, and anything that can engage your brain as you perform it is a gift. So a compelling narrative can elevate an otherwise perfectly serviceable tune into shower song excellence. Enter The Tallest Man on Earth’s “The Gardener,” a metaphorical story of hiding one’s ugliness to better be the apple of a lover’s eye—the verses are patterned a certain way, each a distinct scene recounting a figurative body buried, with the sort of subtle variations that keep you grasping always for the next lyric, imagining the garden you have made, rather than, you know, soap. —Scott Russell

Man! I feel like a shampoo. Embrace your femininity and groove along to Shania’s biggest hit. Maybe you’re getting ready to go out, or maybe this is a pre-nap wash, but that’s your “prerogative.” —Ellen Johnson I don’t mean to show my age, but a certain six-second clip from the long-dead Vine comes to mind when I hear this song. Be like the girl in that clip: bounce to this song like no one’s watching, and when you realize they are, flash ‘em a grin. Or, just crank it up in the shower, and perform a concert for the bar of soap and an audience of conditioner bottles. —Ellen Johnson Sure, it’s a duet, but we all know which part you’re really singing here. Here’s hoping your neighbors don’t hear your “OHohohhhhhhhhhhhWHOAAAAAAAOHHHohohohohOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” which inevitably won’t sound anywhere near as good as you think it does. — Steven Edelstone Three-year Limited (residential and commercial) on the mechanical components such as but not limited to sprayhead. If you’re an alto at the best of times, then there’s nowhere better to attempt the four key changes of “Love On Top” than the safety of your own bathroom. Behind the shower curtain, we’re all secretly Beyoncé. —Clare MartinI will fight anyone who thinks this isn’t one of the greatest pop songs of all time—and the verses are just as memorable as the chorus. All three-and-a-half minutes can and should be attempted in the shower. —Lizzie Manno Three-year Limited (residential and commercial) on the vanity top, vanity cabinet and sink bowl. Faucet warranty is applicable when faucet and drain assembly included. Washing away the sweat after another long, hard day working for the Man deserves a fitting companion, and “Dancing in the Dark” is just that. It may be the most suitable pairing since the Boss and New Jersey, or “Born in the USA” and every single Fourth of July party since 1984. Grab that shower head and sing away, ‘cause this gun’s for hire. —Clare Martin Nellie Forbush & The Ken Darby Singers (from South Pacific): “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair”

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