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The Best Kind of Forever (Riverside Reapers Book 1)

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He’s beautiful. He really is. Oh, God. And I think I made a comment about his penis,” I mumble. “Like, yeah, I joked that it was small, but it looks a lot bigger than average.” It’s true, she would’ve gotten along great with Aeris. Aeris might be small in stature, but she commands the attention of the room like a big shot. Sherry valued authenticity in a person. She said it was something inherent, and she could sniff out an ingenuine disposition after just one interaction.

The Best Kind of Forever by Celeste Briars | The StoryGraph

The redness in his face has started to fade. “You need to start cleaning up your act. All of these headlines are shining a negative light on the team. The bar fights, the constant partying, the waves of women, your hostility with the paparazzi. You’re not likeable. I can’t be babysitting you all the time. You’re not a rookie anymore. You need to start setting a good example for first-time players. Do I make myself clear?” Aer,” she replies, a slight tremor to her vocal cords, one I’m hoping is from the cold and not my presence. Ethan pauses, and it’s either because he’s actually considering my idea, or he’s putting me on mute so he can laugh his ass off. We sit in silence for a few minutes, both of us unsure how to continue the conversation, both particularly interested in the conveyor belt of people moving through the small space.He scrubs a large hand down his face, catching on the stubble dusting his jaw. “Damn, that’s being generous. I normally can’t get it up most days.” I hate September fourth. It doesn’t matter what year it is, what day it is, or where I am: September fourth will always be the day my brother committed suicide. When I was in college, I used to go out every night and collect redheads, brunettes, and blonds like Pokémon. If she had a short enough skirt, I’d chase after her. That’s all it took. But then I got serious with Macy, and I never thought about other girls. Coach’s hands form a steeple underneath his whiskery chin. “I don’t need to know the details, son, but I’m assuming your agent has already debriefed you on what to do?” Hayes, determined to rebuild his image, concocts a plan to pose as Aeris’ loving boyfriend. As they embark on a fake dating scheme, Aeris finds herself torn between giving love a chance and guarding her heart against the notorious playboy. Little does she know that Hayes harbors a secret that could shatter everything. Learning Opportunity from The Best Kind of Forever ePUB

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Tears slather my cheeks with a warm wetness that intermingles with the spoiled air. “My brother. He, um, died seven years ago. His name was Roden. He was dealing with a lot mentally, and I didn’t get him the help he needed.” The silence in the room is entirely too loud, but I’m too nervous to say much of anything. I’m afraid I’ll word-vomit on him. Or, you know, actually vomit on him…again. My jaw pulses. “A fake relationship. I rebrand myself as the doting boyfriend. I put all my effort and time into building a relationship for the fans, and I stay away from getting into trouble. It’ll show I’ve grown up—that I’m not just some crazy party boy trying to relive his glory days.” You think I’m beautiful?” I hear Hayes say from the bathroom doorway, and I shriek, flinging my cat to the floor.He said he’s a personal trainer,” I say, trying to tamp down the dose of anxiety suffusing through my veins. My brother was trapped in that six-foot-deep hole, with only me trying to tug him up by a lifeline. In the end, I couldn’t. I wasn’t strong enough. Nerves wring my stomach, and heat spreads through me like a well-trained wildfire. I have no doubt in my mind that this guy has a roster full of ladies. Hell, his Friday nights probably consist of orgies galore. Wilder destroyed the hopeless romantic in me. He destroyed my hope for love. And now I stay far away from any of those feelings, because I already know how the story ends. I already know that heartache is waiting for me at the finish line. Bristol sidles up to me, bumping his hip against mine. “Dude, the fans are going crazy,” he tells me, his speech slightly impaired by the hindrance of his mouth guard.

The Best Kind of Forever (Riverside Reapers Book 1)

The public’s perception of Hayes Hollings needs to be polished badly. He’s gotten into fights at bars, drank excessively, and slept with a few too many women. After consulting with his bros, he concludes that a sham relationship is the best course of action. But Aeris Relera and genuine emotion were surprises. A chorus of cries rattles my eardrums, but the second Fulton gets an inch away from the goal line, a hulking defenseman smashes him into the plexiglass. The cries evolve into disappointed groans. I know my teammates can handle themselves. Hell, some of the guys are larger than I am, but when they’re on the receiving end of some brutal hits, my vision turns red. It’s some kind of weird, primal reaction inside of me that makes me want to rip my gloves off and scatter teeth all over the ice.He must descry my uneasiness because he takes the reins of the conversation. “How are you feeling? Think you can stomach some food?” Then they become real,” Kit replies. “But if I know you, H—which I do—I know that’s the last thing you want right now.” If I was in my right mind, I’d never agree to go to a second location with a stranger. But I’m not in my right mind. Hell, if the world has plans for me to get murdered tonight, then so be it.

The Best Kind of Forever - Fantastic Fiction

Stop finding ways to blame yourself. This is on him. If he can’t see how incredible you are, then he doesn’t deserve a second of your time, okay?” she growls, practically flaying me alive with her stone-cold gaze. I’ve found that when people ask how you’re doing, a lot of times they don’t really care how you answer. They only ask to be polite. His mouth rights itself into a smile. “I have a sister named Faye. She’s on the other side of the country right now going to college at UPenn. She’s smart, hardworking, and a way better person than I’ll ever be. She’s studying early childhood education so that when she graduates, she can work with kids.” That’s valid, and even though I didn’t know your brother, I think he’d want you to live your life and be happy.” I never signed up for a Dr. Phil session with my teammates, but everyone thought I would benefit from a nice, cold, hard intervention about my current antics.

What do you want, Aeris?” Hayes teases, stroking his hand up my stomach, lingering just below my tits. The bass of his voice throws accelerant on the fire of lust blazing through me. With a hefty sigh, I finish my entire serving of soggy wheats in complete silence, contemplating my life. During your commute: If you take public transportation or have a long commute, you may find it helpful to use that time to read. His hair is unkempt and waterlogged, and I get this urge to drag my nails along his scalp. There’s a teasing crinkle below his aquamarine eyes as he waits for me to herd all my runaway thoughts and form a coherent sentence. The name suits her. It’s beautiful, just like she is, but I want to call her something that’s uniquely mine.

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